Helping couples heal and reconnect

Do you ever wonder why intimate relationships are so difficult?

Because your close relationships will expose your deepest needs, fears and vulnerabilities and that is very hard to manage.
This includes longings, disappointments, past wounds and obviously the various fears such as abandonment, rejection, shame, betrayal, failure, exploitation and more. Successfully coping with these vulnerabilities is the main challenge faced when it comes to your love life.

When you both turn each other from a source of frustration or ‘threat’ – imagined or real – to a source of support, your relationship will fourish. You then turn your relationship into a ‘lab’ for healing and growing.

The counselling process

Understanding your own needs and feelings, and learning constructive ways to express them, will be the focus of your counselling work. Why? Because you want your partner to get you and to respond to your needs! This is how you move from a sense of powerlessness and frustration to a sense of power. To influence on your partner you want to be effective and wise, not ‘right’.

Relationship education and coaching

Relationship education and coaching are an important part of the process. You will learn about your relationship brain and how it affects your reactions. You will learn how to strengthen your connection and friendship. It is very much like adding credits to your emotional bank account in order to help you better cope with your next hardship. With a secure connection and pleasanter feelings, the relationship becomes more resilient.

How your relationship will benefit

Perspectives & tools to de-escalate conflicts

Communicate constructively what you need & want

Deepen understanding of each other

Restore closeness; strengthen kindness & friendship.

Heal and reconnect

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