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You know how relationship is essential for your well-being but acting on this premise is not that simple.


Because your intimate relationships expose your vulnerabilities and that is tough.
This includes longings, disappointments, past wounds and obviously the various fears such as abandonment, rejection, shame, betrayal, failure, exploitation and more.  Successfully coping with these vulnerabilities is the main challenge faced when it comes to your love life.

When you both turn each other from a source of frustration or ‘threat’ – imagined or real – to a source of support your relationship will fourish.  You then turn your relationship into a ‘lab’ for healing and growing.

The Challenge: ‘do’ vulnerability right

A relationship thrives when both partners feel connected and secure. But when there are hurts, doubts, insecurities, and disconnection, the relationship flounders. The emotional tone of your interactions is unpleasant.  You both end up feeling increasingly vulnerable and you react with anger, fear, or avoidance.

Your relationship is on the downward spiral and requires your attention!

What studies conducted over the last three decades have indicated, is that to create a satisfying relationship, you need to ‘do’ vulnerability right. That means expressing your needs and emotional hurts in constructive and authentic ways. Your vulnerability then turns into your source of power!  It nourishes closeness and makes your partner more likely to respond to your needs and wants.

Doing it ‘right’ will be the main portion of our counseling work.

The other portion focusses on the educational and coaching aspects:  you will learn about relationships and develop ways to strengthen your connection and friendship. It is very much like adding credits to your emotional bank account in order to help you better cope with your next hardship.  With a secure connection and pleasanter feelings, the relationship becomes more resilient.

My blog contains further tips and ideas in case you are curious.

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