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Relationship Counselling

Helping couples heal and reconnect

Psychology - Melbourne - Happy Couple Having Conversation Face To Face And Looking At Each Other

The way you relate to your partner and other family members is at the heart of your well-being. You don’t need the thousands of studies to prove you that.

But acting on this premise is not that simple.

Why ?!

Because your intimate relationship will expose your vulnerabilities – your past wounds, your longings and dreams, your various fears such as abandonment,  rejection, shame, betrayal, failure, exploitation and more.  To cope successfully with these vulnerabilities is the main challenge of your love life.

Make sure that your intimate partner is not a source of ‘threat’ – imagined or real – but a source of support and you will both flourish in your life.  Your relationship will become the ‘lab’ to help you both heal and grow.

The challenge

Your relationship thrives when you both feel connected and secure. But when there are hurts, doubts, insecurities and disconnection the relationship is floundering. The emotional tone of your interactions is unpleasant.  You both feel increasingly vulnerable and you react with anger, fear or avoidance.
Your relationship is on the downward spiral and requires your attention.

What we have learned from many studies in the last three decades is that to create a satisfying relationship you need to ‘do’ vulnerability right. That means to express needs and emotional hurts in constructive and authentic ways. Your vulnerability then turns into your source of power!  It nourishes closeness, it makes your partner more likely to respond to your needs and wants.

How to do it right will be the main part of our counselling work.

The other part is more educational and coaching – you will learn about relationship and develop ways to strengthen connection and friendship; it is like adding credits to your emotional bank account to help you better cope with your next hardship. WIth secure connection and more pleasant feelings the relationship is more resilient.

My blog contains further tips and ideas to help people flourish.
Need to clarify or inquire more before boooking? Feel free to call me or send a message. I respond within a few hours.
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