The way you relate to your own self and to your partner and other family members is at the heart of your well-being. Research consistently demonstrates how our relationships hold the key to our happiness. 

But acting on this premise is not that simple.

Why ?!

Because your intimate relationship will expose your vulnerabilities – your past wounds, your longings and dreams, your various fears such as abandonment,  rejection, shame, betrayal, failure, exploitation and more.  To cope successfully with these vulnerabilities is the main challenge of your love life.

Now imagine that you could turn your intimate partner from a source of frustration or ‘threat’ – imagined or real – to a source of support? Your relationship will become the ‘lab’ to help you both heal and grow.

Yes you can, and this is where Guy can help you.

Guy is employing an approach called Emotion Focus Therapy which help partners process vulnerability in a way that make their connection stronger.  

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