Audios to cultivate self-awareness & mindfulness.

Build a mental state of being reflective not reactive, of being present and mindful rather than victim of your automatic beliefs.

The idea is to loosen the grip of the thinking/possessed mind – to de-hypnotise it!

As you develop the skill of being mindful you lighten up. You will gradually feel more present, authentic and centred. Your choices are better aligned with your core values so you are virtually free to be who you want to be.


Kornfield explains mindfulness (2 minutes)
Awareness and Brain by Dan Siegal (13 minutes)
Become and ally with your emotions-from knowing shadow (14 minutes)
Buddha’s brain – rewire brain for a happier life (4 minutes)
Buddha’s brain-mindfulness (1 minute)


Bring light of awareness to ‘basement’ of negativity (1 minute)
Knowing your shadow and how reactivity works (31 minutes)
Miguel Ruiz on how we create identity with story (3 minutes)
Owning our stories by Brene(2 minutes)
Take charge of self by change the way you see by Dyer (1 minute)
Emotional Intelligence explained (26 minutes)
Tale of Two Selves by Robert Holden (22 minutes)

   Tolle’s wisdom

Eckhart Tolle’s books and talks have inspired millions around the world. Me too.
His key message is that: we sufffer because we are hypnotised and possessed by our mind. He calls it Ego.
To liberate from this Ego we need to connect to present moment.


By more noticing and less thinking; by connecting to our body; by quietening the thinking mind 

It is my joy to share some of his gems with you.

Liberating self by witnessing the mind (2 minutes)
On fears and anger (6 minutes)
Handle anxiety (25 minutes)
Accepting the hurtful moment (1 minute)
Being now with our inner body (3 minutes)
On identifying with external and ‘dying’ ( 3 minutes)
Tolle explains his ideas to Oprah Chap1  (30 minutes)
Tolle explain more to Oprah Chap2 (30 minutes)