‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it’ – Confucius

Spring is knocking at our doors, suggesting it is time to blossom!
In this issue we invite you to reflect with us on beauty.
Read about how appreciating beauty contributes to our well-being, then watch a Happiness Conference panel discussion about the impact music can have on our lives.
If you are interested in exploring beyond psychology, then read Unmani as she describes the beauty of finding the true ‘you’.

Enjoy and Flourish

Hagai Avisar
Relate Melbourne

See Beauty, Feel Happy
By Claire Wheeler at Psychology Today

Spring is finally here, and the world coming into bloom. This is a good time to contemplate the power of beauty to generate happiness. Lovers of beauty and excellence are more likely to report finding joy and meaning in everyday life.

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Music: The Heart and Soul of Happiness
A panel discussion at Happiness and its Causes

For music lovers everywhere. Five speakers talk about the power of music and its effects on our brains. Listening to music can provide amazing benefits, and making music can be an incredibly powerful form of therapy. This 30 minute discussion features a music therapist, the director of a community choir, and an ARIA award winning musician.
(Skip to 2:30 on the timeline when you begin watching – the first two minutes are part of a different discussion.)

Watch the video >


Recognising Your True Nature
By Unmani

Unmani writes about recognising an essential ‘you’, beneath all the layers of social identity. Truly mindful reading.

‘You have believed that you can fit yourself into a tiny box with a label, a name or role, when really you are life itself.’

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