Lessons from brain scans

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen

Trump, Truth and Us

When Trump calls certain aspects of reality “Fake News”, he knows something that we often refuse to acknowledge: what ultimately matters is not what really happened, but how you tell it. The power is not in the facts, but rather, with whomsoever…

On being wise (final part)

In my last blog post, I described two ways for acting wisely: to reflect before acting and to examine a situation from various perspectives. In this final part I will add another two ways in which wise people tend to act. Get real…
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Part 2 We learnt in Part 1 of ‘On Being Wise’ that wisdom is ultimately about how you understand human nature, the problems humans deal with and their solutions. This implies the need to understand first the rules that govern you and…

On Being Wise - 1

Part 1 We are not sure how to define wisdom but we recognise it when we see it. It has a calming effect. It slows you down and takes you out of the race and your routine, out of your habitual and automatic thinking. It leads you to higher…
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Self-acceptance is a major hallmark of well-being. It is a process of seeing and embracing unconditionally who you are regardless of your flaws and mistakes. You realise that in you r core being – rather than in what you do - you are lovable…
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Abundance Mindset

 “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are”. Each of us has a unique mindset through which we perceive the world. Its like a thought processor in the mind. This mindset is deep and automatic. Because it is a language which…