Trump, Truth and Us

When Trump calls certain aspects of reality “Fake News”, he knows something that we often refuse to acknowledge: what ultimately matters is not what really happened, but how you tell it. The power is not in the facts, but rather, with whomsoever controls the narrative. What makes us vulnerable to narratives?   Our psyche is …

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Part 2 We learnt in Part 1 of ‘On Being Wise’ that wisdom is ultimately about how you understand human nature, the problems humans deal with and their solutions. This implies the need to understand first the rules that govern you and then the rules that govern human beings and societies in general. Yes, it …

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Self-acceptance is a major hallmark of well-being. It is a process of seeing and embracing unconditionally who you are regardless of your flaws and mistakes. You realise that in you r core being – rather than in what you do – you are lovable as you are. Your worthiness of love doesn’t come into question just …

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Abundance Mindset

 “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are”. Each of us has a unique mindset through which we perceive the world. Its like a thought processor in the mind. This mindset is deep and automatic. Because it is a language which continuously learns and adjusts we have the power to …

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Are you a good friend? We rarely talk about this subject yet, friendship is a great resource for our well-being.  The movie “Pride” is good example of how friendship strengthens us. Two groups of people, bound by their common experience of disadvantage during the 80’s in England, get together to support each other in their …

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Handling Marital Conflicts

Constructively handling a marital conflict is one of the most burning issues for couples in modern societal cultures. Equality in power and the growing separation of the family unit force partners to rely on each other more and share decision-making responsibilities across many aspects of life. Roles and rules are in constant negotiation and exploration. …

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