The beauty of Positive Psychology research is that it acts as a magnifying glass to show us things that make a difference to our well-being but that we tend to underestimate. Such is gratitude. In most cultures and religions, it is considered a virtue which can be expressed through rituals, prayer and songs. As …

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Hi! In this issue you’ll find: Reflections – What really matters to our well-being Beyond psychology – This time about love and relationships. Downloadable wisdom – Don’t skip these two gems! Nutrients for the soul that I have carefully selected for you. Upcoming workshops – Two relationship workshops that may interest you or someone you care about. …

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  Are you your personality? Here is Eckhart Tolle answering that: Question: What is our relationship with our personality after awakening and does it change? Eckhart Tolle: Strictly speaking, before awakening, to a large extent, you don’t have a relationship with your personality; you ARE your personality. If you can have a relationship with your …

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