How I work

With over 25 years counselling experience, I foster warm, genuine and compassionate relationships with my clients. During years of clinical experience I have developed my style of helping couples which I would describe as ‘compassionate coaching‘: I facilitate the conversation with care, warmth and gentleness to make you both feel accepted and understood.  While doing so I maintain focus on what really matters and make sure we work together towards your goals. I See that as my responsibility to make sure we are on track towards your goals.

Psychology - Melbourne - plant in bookThe process of counselling is like gardening. I help you cultivate a culture of relating to each other in ways that keep your relationship strong, satisfying and resilient. To achieve that we create a safe environment to express vulnerability. Instead of defensiveness and attacks you learn to express needs, feelings and requests in a more open and authentic way.  The upward spiral will consist of more care, understanding and empathy. As your connection is deepening you feel more secure and your relationship flourishes.

My evidence-based tools draw upon Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT), John Gottman’s work, Gestalt, Cognitive behavioural therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).