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Online program for fathers of young children

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Sunday 29 November, 7:30 – 8:15pm

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In this 45min introduction I will discuss challenges men are facing today while raising a young family, the support and tools they need, and how this program can help. 

I’ve worked with couples for years and have seen many men who are often lost for solutions when it comes to their relationships. They rely on their wives to somehow make the relationship work. Their struggles in navigating conflicts and resolving relationship issues may make them feel inadequate and powerless.  

As a result they often fall into one of these two damaging patterns: Withdrawal /Avoidance or Anger/ Aggression.   

Does that sound familiar to you?

The program is inspired by the Four Male Archetypes:
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

Archetypes are psychic energies that shape us. Let’s see how:
The King enregy – capacity to lead with your values, vision, authority and boundaries.
The Warrior energy – capacity to work towards your goals, meet challenges and fight for what is important for you.
The Magician – capacity to transform emotions and thoughts through self-awareness and clarity. 
The Lover – capacity to connect to others and to enjoy life. 

The premise

With the right guidance men can bring forth their skills and power to better their family life.  Men can, and should, take a lead in seeing their family flourish.  It no longer makes sense to leave it to her to do the relationship work. 

father and son

Outcomes you should expect

  • Clarity and understanding  – we will discuss new perspectives and insights into your role, and the feelings and needs of both yourself and your partner.

  • Effective tools – learn communication skills and tools that will give you the power to influence your partner and elicit better responses to you. 

  • Solutions and strategies –  get practical solutions to problems which are raised by you and other participants. 

  • Support – share and learn together with like-minded fathers.


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: The program is a mix of presentations, exercises and conversation.

Series one – 4 fortnightly Zoom sessions.
Learn about the 4 male energies and how they shape the way you operate as a man. Get inspiration for your roles as a husband and a father. 

When: Starting from Sunday, 17 January 2021, 7:30 – 9pm. 

Participants: 20 men in a committed relationship with young children.
You would like to learn how you can create a positive impact on your family.  

Cost: $110 for the series.

Series two –  6 fortnightly sessions. Learn to apply the skills of the four energies in your family life. We will cover topics like managing conflicts, family-work balance, authority with kids, gender differences, handling finance and more.

Participants: as above but for a smaller group of up to 12 men.

Cost: sessions can be Medicare rebated and I will announce on the cost at the end of series one.

Refund policy:  A full refund if cancelled with more than two weeks notice. 50% refund if cancelled within the last two weeks.  

About me

Hagai Avisar psychologistI am an Israeli-born registered psychologist. I moved to Australia with my family in 1998.

Since 1990 I have gained extensive experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families with focus on relationship issues. I have a special interest in helping men with their relationship. Over the years I have run many workshops on relationship and personaly growth.

I strongly believe in the power of teaching, inspiring and coaching. People prefer to focus on capitalising on their strengths and on learning new perspectives and skills rather than fixing their flaws.
You will find my approach to be grounded, direct, compassionate and practical.
My clients often say about me “He doesn’t take bullshit… can be challenging”.

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