Make a difference in your family life

 Learn why, what and how you can do it. 

For 6-10 fathers of young children

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I’ve worked with couples for years and have seen many men who are often lost for solutions when it comes to their relationships. 

They rely on their wives to somehow make the marriage work. Their lack of skills in navigating conflicts and resolving relationship issues may make them feel inadequate and powerless.  

As a result they often fall into destructive patterns such as withdrawal and avoidance, or anger and rage.  Sad impact for all.  

Does that sound familiar to you?

Join us to get some perspectives and useful tools for making a happier family. 

Why now?

With nearly 50% of divorce occuring within the first 10 years of marriage, it makes sense to invest now to improve your relationship for the survival of your young family.  

You may wonder: “But what exactly should I do?”

In this workshop you will learn some practical tools and strategies to help you navigate the challenges of marriage. 

You will

  • Gain a better understanding of your challenges.
  • Get insight & perspective into common issues couples grapple with. 
  • Learn about the three essential actions and how to implement them to make a difference in your relationship.

You have the power to make it. You CAN create a lasting positive impact on your family.


The workshop is a mix of presentation, exercises and conversation with like-minded fathers.

After the workshop

If you like it, you can join a series of monthly meetings.

When: TBA

Where: Stable Health Clinic, 22 Alma Rd. St Kilda

Cost: TBA.

Refund policy:  A full refund if cancelled with more than 48hours notice. No refund otherwise.

Not satisfied? Email me to get your full refund. No risk!

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About Me

Psychology - Melbourne - FacilitatorGuy (Hagai) Avisar, Psychologist and Couples Therapist

With more than 25 years of experience as a psychologist, couples therapist and group facilitator I offer you my perspectives, tools and knowledge. Over the years I have conducted many workshops on parenting, relationships, leadership and personal growth.
I am a regular blogger and have published many columns in newspapers on personal growth and relationships.

I came from Israel with my Aussie wife and 2 kids in 1997.
I am particularly passionate about supporting and strengthening families with young children.

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