All in the mind (2mins)

Awaken your strongest self (1 min)

Awaken your strongest self-visual using goals(1 min)

Become and ally with your emotions-from knowing shadow(14mins)

Brene Brown defines love(1 min)

Brene Brown on love and belonging (9 mins)

Brene on belonging, self-acceptance and trying to fit in(5 mins)

Brene on shame and resilience(7 mins)

Buddha brain-kindness(1 min)

Buddha brain-on cultivating joy and positive emotions(1 min)

Buddha brain-the bliss of living by our values(1 min)

Buddha’s brain – rewire brain for happiness(4 mins)

Buddha’s brain – mindfulness explained(1 min)

Capitalise in relationships on the positive(14 mins)

Detecting negativity is positive(1 min)

Elements of shame and resilience by Brene Brown(1 min)

Emotion regulation and parenting(1 min)

Empathy, happiness and the right brain by Mears(3 mins)

Exercise and mental health by Prof Ratey(3 mins)

Golden present-commitment(3 mins)

Golden present-mistakes(2 mins)

Gottman on the ratio of positive and negative emotions(3 mins)

Gratitude and entitlement from narcissism(1 min)

Gratitude and joy by Brown(2 mins)

Handling failures(3 mins)

Hardwired for negativity and survival(3 mins)

Knowing your shadow(30 mins)

Kornfield explains mindfulness(2 mins)

Life Visioning – authenticity(1 min)

Michael Yapko on hypnosis as shifting focus(2 mins)

Miguel Ruiz on how we create identity with story(3 mins)

Names and their subconscious impact(1 min)

Nacrcissism, self-esteem and the qualities for success(5 mins)

On authentic goals by Allan Cohen(2 mins)

Owning our stories by Brene(2 mins)

Peace is every step-cultivate seeds in mind(2 mins)

Peace is every step-asking what is right(2 mins)

Power of intention-banishing doubts(1 min)

Power of intention-choose the people(1 min)

Power of intention-yes(1 min)

Primary barrier to belonging by Brene(1 min)

Psych of winning-Cheekmenn(1 min)

Psychology of being-Maslow(3 mins)

Seligman on strengths of post trauma growth(1 min)

Spark book on impact of exercises(3 mins)

Take charge of self by change the way you see by Dyer(1 min)

Uncertainty and faith by Brown(1 min)

What is empathy?(1 min)

Most important skill of successful managers (7 mins)

Resilience and coping with hardships from Art of peace(4 mins)