Changing your mindset can have a great impact on the way you approach life.

According to research by Professor Carol Dweck, we all use one of two types of mindset: the fixed mindset or the growth mindset. With a fixed mindset, we see our talents and abilities as predetermined and basically unchangeable. We may avoid situations where our abilties are challenged, because we do not believe we can improve beyond a certain point.bigstock_High_School_Students_In_Classr_2863952 - Copy

However, when we adopt a mindset for growth, we believe in the possibility of improvement through hard work and dedication. Brains and talent are just a starting point from which we can build greater strengths and achieve higher goals.

The growth mindset is a valuable skill, possessed by many of the world’s most successful people. It can give us motivation and self-confidence, open our minds to change and new possibilities, and help us to view the future with optimism and hope.

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