Relationship Growth Course


Session 1: Getting wiser

Goal: New perspectives on your deep emotional needs

  • Understand attachment processes that subconsciously shape intimate relationships.
  • These mechanisms affect your sense of trust and security – the core foundation of an intimate relationship.
  • Consider ways to ‘buffer’ your relationship against forces that might weaken it.

Session 2: Vision and values

Goal: Tools for clarity. Focus on what really matters.

  •  Visualise and discuss your expectations and hopes.
  • Plant the seeds of your desired relationship.
  • Allow yourself time to share what is really important for you.
  • Reflect upon how you intend to create these ‘ways of being’ in your relationship.

Session 3: Friendship

Goal: Tools to enhance connection – the cement of your relationship.

  • Learn about the building blocks of your friendship and how to cultivate them.
  • Get some tips from research on what makes relationships flourish.

Session 4: Differences and conflicts

Goal: Manage conflicts constructively.

  • Learn what happens to you during conflicts and why.
  • Develop strategies to deal with conflicts through authentic expression

Session 5: From conflicts to resilience

Goal: Learn to bounce back after an argument.

  • Continue to practice authentic expressions during conflicts and add the skill of repair.


Bonus session: Gender differences

Goal: Experience what happens when men and women truly understand each other.

  • Understand innate differences.
  • Embrace core vulnerabilities and strengths.
  • Useful tips to get your partner to better respond to your needs

The bonus session is covered fully by your Medicare rebates (without Medicare – $70 per couple)