Parents Testimonials

AN EMAIL I HAVE RECEIVED FROM – KATHLEEN MCMILLEN, USA.“It worked like a dream!!!! My 2.5 year old son was weaned in May and then transitioned to a toddler bed shortly thereafter. For the past six months we have been dealing with hysterical crying fits with not staying in bed and we finally had resorted to sleeping on an air mattress in his room. He continued to wake multiple times each night to see if we were still there. We had tried every technique written about in books, all advice given to us from other parents and nothing was working. Your video was my last ditch effort before we tried more harsh methods, which I was not wanting to do. We tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and he has gone to bed without a fight ever since and is sleeping all night. If he does happens to wake at night he calls out to me from his bed and then goes back to bed as soon as his needs have been met. I cannot believe how simple and effective this was and I wish I had stumbled upon your video months ago! I have already posted your website on Facebook, shared the website with my Parents As Teachers parent educator. Feel free to add any part of this email on your website as a personal review! I want to thank you for your technique, it has truly been life changing for us!”
HELEN LEVENDER, MELBOURNE“Amazingly simple, sensible and effective. How come no one as yet has made a research on it?!”
HAGAR LIPA, MELBOURNE“Hagai’s approach is about compassion and understanding of the child’s needs. I could easily relate to it and apply it. It worked like a magic”
MIKA TABIB, MELBOURNE“After 2 years of sleepless nights and struggles during bedtime , Hagai’s method was a savior for my family. I am terribly grateful.”