Professor Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean of School of Education. Miami University. World expert on community-based approaches to psychological and social health.

“I really like the preventive approach. Hagai Avisar is teaching a proactive approach to children’s sleep problems. Parents can be more effective in averting problems related to sleep when they anticipate what kids are thinking and feeling”.

Prof. Haim Omer, is internationally renowned as the originator and developer of the New Authority paradigm. He specializes in training parents of children with acute behavior problems in non-violent resistance.

“I am considered a leading specialist in the field of parent counseling. I watched with great interest Hagai’s video on helping young children to fall asleep peacefully. I think the idea is excellent! Creating a sense of parental presence is the best way to address the child’s insecurity. Hagai has developed a way to do it which is deeply inspiring”.

Dr Lionel Lubitz is a paediatrician in Royal Children Hospital with 35 years of experience working with mothers and babies.

“The video is excellent. It is explained clearly, with warmth and compassion. A must for any ‘new or old’ parent!!”