What to expect

Some clients ask me first “How can I tell if this is going to help us? Some of my friends attended couple counselling and ended up separating”

Couples counselling may not be very helpful if the challenging issues are not matched with the right mindset and resources. From both of you!  To address effectively long-standing issues and deep hurts you both need to come with

Psychology - Melbourne -  Couple at beach with picnic basket

clarity about the outcomes you hope to experience, willingness to stay engaged in counselling for more than a few sessions,  good will, openness to learn and above all commitment to the relationship.

Based on the feedback from many couples who have worked with me I can suggest with some confidence that you may expect the following outcomes:

  • New perspectives on your relationship issues.
  • Regain the ability to get softer trust each other again.
  • Learn and practice constructive ways of dealing with hard feelings.
  • Enhance connection, friendship and intimacy.
  • Improve understanding and acceptance towards self and partner.
  • Understand root cause of conflicts and how to handle them constructively.
  • Gain clarity on values and goals that you share or those you have stopped sharing.

But what if he says no to counselling?